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Human Resource & Operations Management System (HROMS)

Making your business more effective

Human Resource & Operations Management System (HROMS) is an enterprise business software (ERP / CRM / SCM / BI) consulting company, with primary focus on mid-size organizations across industries. HROMS assist them to grow better and facilitate their employees to collaborate together to increase more productivity through ERP project initiative. It helps its clients manage every aspect of their ERP Initiative, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations.

HROMS’s Enterprise Business Solutions (ERP / SCM / CRM / BI) extensive experience of more than 2000 person months enables successful Product / Vendor Selection & Project Implementation for its customers. HROMS provides Leadership & Guidance to minimize project risks, Step up implementation progress and Increase the success & value of the customer ERP project initiatives.

HROMS serves as advisors exercising trusted responsibility to its customers.


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HROMS aspires to be the top business catalyst for our clients, by enabling and empowering them with technology solutions that help them to visualize their growth and take intelligent and effective business decisions.


HROMS ‘partners’ with clients to transform their organization and improve their operational performance. We strengthen their ability to couple the right technology, become more flexible, robust and fiercely competitive.


. Excellence - setting and achieving high standards of Professional ICT Solutions

.  Integrity – displaying and practice the highest ethical and professional standards

.  Honesty - using truthful communications and trustworthy actions.

.  Commitment - engaging willingly and completely in the fulfillment of our mission.

.  Respect - showing courtesy and understanding for all with whom we interact.

.  Collaboration - maximizing relationships so collective efforts surpass those of the individual.

.  Stewardship - prudent use of human and financial resource