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ERP Implementation Survey Shows Real Facts About ERP Project Outcomes

ERP Implementation Survey Shows Real Facts About ERP Project Outcomes

Here’s an ERP implementation survey you need to see.

In “The Real Facts about ERP Implementations,” the research firm Mint Jutras surveyed hundreds of today’s manufacturing and distribution companies to explore the myth of past ERP implementation success rate data which told a dismal story.

The in-depth report resulting from the survey is titled “The Real Facts about ERP Implementation: Busting the Myth of Failure, But Are You Overrating Your Success?”

ERP Implementation Survey Findings

Our team is excited about the publication of this industry survey conducted by Mint Jutras, researchers specializing in analyzing the business impact of enterprise applications.

As an independent ERP consulting firm, ERP implementation success is a topic that comes up often as project teams look to Ultra to understand the best way to work through enterprise system projects to improve key processes.

The study of ERP implementation success by manufacturers and distributors found 67 percent rate their implementations as successful or very successful.

  • As the survey revealed, the primary reasons for ERP implementation success have to do with people and process, as well as change management.
  • Reasons for lack of implementation success include inadequate business process re-engineering and inadequate project planning.
  • While many ERP implementations meet expectations in terms of schedule, budget and ROI, the Mint Jutras/Ultra Consultants study shows a significant number of manufacturing and distribution companies’ over-rate their success and leave additional attainable returns on the table.

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